Marketplaces for (a more) Conscious Consumerism

World of Good

A partnership with ebay, this online market is designed, in part, by the same folks who brought you the groovy little gift kiosks you see in Whole Foods, Pharmaca and other eco’ish shops.  Like ebay…a bit of navigation is required but there are 100’s of great products that are only allowed on if they are approved by a “trust provider” such as Co-op America, Transfair or Fair Trade Federation!

Eco Mall

This is a no frills site…except for its easy search tool and enormous database.  You won’t find hip commentary here, nor “trust-providers” so you will have to follow the links you find and put some of your own time into feeling out/researching the companies you find here. Most, OG has found have been a-okey!

Abe’s Market

Less of a maze then the world of good site, with some of the trust (as the Abes team does a good check on the folks they promote) and plenty of yummy stuff.


Yeah, the name gives pause but this site has a good collection eco goods with hipster recommendations and commentary.

And let’s not forget a couple of the ol’ tried and TRUE!

Global Exchange

Green America’s Green Pages


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