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growing everything but grapefruits!

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Vertical growing walls are nourishing a city or refugee camp near you…

These vertical hydroponic gardens could really sweeten your harvest and second as an amazing, in or outdoor, art piece!


100th Monkey: Groovy Eco Sandwich Bags!

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Greenfest and other such events often highlight the 100th monkey effect and this year was no exception.

The advent of the “reusable” sandwich baggy is upon us.  And thank goodness, as we have been washing and reusing our plastic baggies for years and I have to admit the washing is a bit tiresome and the drying is a pain, not to mention the fall-outs of bad plastics!

Several solutions hit the market at once and although we cannot yet make recommendations (as we are just now trying them ourselves) we are happy to provide a short product description & several company’s websites so you can peruse and choose and let us know what you like and why.

Organic cotton, cute, cute, cute designs are great for kids and adults too. One of the more cost-friendly options:

Organic cotton, great name & more sophisticated designs:

Food-safe, non-toxic. PVC- and phthalate-free, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) is a widely used, BPA-free plastic.  Although these numbers lack a bit of style and are still in the plastics world…they may fare better with a juicy tomato sandwich:

Greenfest report

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Day 1 of SF Greenfest and it was hopping for a Friday. It looks like there are a few new products out there that could go big. Keep on the lookout for the post show report on the juiciest new products (pre peeled and sliced by OG, so you know the companies we pick are all over social and environmental best practices)! We won’t leave our old favs out either so look for the fruits of our labor soon!

A couple picks of the day:

Kanoe Baby Hammock- certified organic and fair labor, this is a gorgeous design and makes for a sweet space for baby! www.

Home Gardening and animal husbandry:
Nomad Chicken Pad- now we haven’t gotten the full poop (yet) on the biz practices but I must say, the concept and design is a great hatch. Houses 3-4 hens. Check this movable chicken coop on wheels out.

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